Kim Phillips-Pea Art Show

January 5, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
Project Reo Collective
2335 Reo Drive
Number 6, San Diego
California 92139

an Diego Artist Kim Phillips-Pea has always been a huge fan, lover and student of the arts. Beginning with the orchestra and choir at Baker Elementary then continuing at SDSCPA, Kim’s love for art includes creative bead work, painting murals and drawing.

As the Art Director of the recent Hip Hop 5k Health and Wellness Festival, Kim’s team featured 3 miles of visual art, a pop-up art gallery and multiple new murals have been approved for the Southeast San Diego Community with one already installed at a local market on Logan Ave. Kim can be found volunteering on weekends holding free paint parties for the youth. One of her main goals is to open a local art gallery with space for workshops.

Kim can be found on IG @kimberlyartshow

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