Bowties By Brunson

Bowties By Brunson
Bowties By Brunson
Assyrian Brunson
Hand-made “tie it yourself” bow ties
1838 Tattnal Way
San Diego CA, 92106

Being that as a young boy, I had no father / dad or male figure you show me certain things in life. Now that I have two boys of my own, it is my due diligence to be sure that I teach them as much as I can in regards to evolving from a young boy to a man. One of these teachings is how to dress well and Cary yourself as a gentleman. Pull your pants up, button your shirt up and straighten up your bow tie before you walk out that door, because when I was your age it was quite the opposite.

Each bow tie is hand-sewn by me. From picking out the fabric to adding my business’ name to the finish products, I do it all. Each bow tie, depending on the material being made from, takes about an hour per each bow tie. How would you enjoy the fact of being questioned on where you acquired your bow tie from and being able to respond, “ I know someone personally who makes them for me”. You’re not going to find this one at H&M 😂.

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Bowties By Brunson

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