Jireh Cryo

Jireh Cryo
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Business Name: Jireh Cryo
Business Owner Name: EJ Nduka
Short Business Description: Cryotherapy, Infrared & Hyper Wellness Studio
Business Phone Number: 6573455288
Business Website Address: https://mountjireh.wixsite.com/diamond
Business Address: 4780 Mission Gorge Pl San diego 92120
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How a former professional athlete became a healer with just Ice & Heat.
SAN DIEGO — Jireh Cryo, the home of the new premier Cryotherapy and Hyper Wellness studio of San Diego, CA. Jireh Cryo is owned by former NFL & CFL athlete EJ Nduka. Nduka played professional football for 5 years after being a key member of the D1 College National Champion runner-up Sam Houston State. EJ Nduka is a graduate of Sam Houston State University and now professional fitness competitor in IFFB professional league.

“Jireh” meaning ultimate provider will be the company’s first Southern California location will open in Xplicit Fitness (One of San Diego’s Highest rated fitness boutique centers) in Mission Gorge area of San Diego at 4780 Mission Gorge Pl, San Diego CA 92120. Nduka is former professional linebacker, who saw the importance of recovery and wellness during his professional career. “After playing football all my life, around the 3rd year of my professional career my body began to break down, that’s when I began to invest in my recovery every day. If I would have done it earlier in my career I would have had a much longer go” said Nduka. “I decided to pursue a career in helping others feel pain-free and operate at their fullest capability”.

Jireh Cryo is quickly being recognized as one of the premier studio-providers of cryotherapy, infrared therapy and myofascial release therapy. Jireh Cryo provides cutting-edge treatments for hyper-wellness, chronic pain, weight loss, injury recovery, anti-aging and optimal health. Jireh Cryo works with all walks of life ranging from former Super Bowl athletes all the way to people who are just looking to recover and lose up 800 – 1500 calories after just ONE session..
How does it work? During a Jireh Cryo whole-body cryotherapy session, you enter the chamber in or shorts, t-shirt, socks, gloves. The cold air in chamber cools the skin to around -140* degrees, triggering the release of endorphins and inducing the body’s natural pain relief system. This process relieves pain and inflammation associated with various health conditions, for several weeks at a time. Cryotherapy also stimulates your body to enter fight or flight mode, thus causing your body to burn up to 1500 calories. Members can expect to experience benefits immediately while others may take several treatments depending on situation.

What to expect from Cryotherapy:
Burn up to 1500 calories in a single session.
Anti-aging properties
Reduce inflammation.
Pain Elimination.
Accelerate Recovery.
Ability to recover up 300x faster from injuries and post operations.
Optimize Health.
Flush Toxins
Relieve Hangovers.
Naturally Eliminate Cellulite.
May help treat low-risk tumors
Treats dermatitis & other skin conditions
Helps prevent dementia & Alzheimer’s disease
“Cryotherapy is incredible, the first time I experienced it I was experiencing terrible lower back pain from paying sports my entire life, after a couple treatments my back pain was completely gone and I quickly realized how powerful cryotherapy is” said EJ Nduka. ”Cryotherapy is one of those things that once you try it, the experience alone speaks for itself and the benefits are amazing”.
“A lot of people aren’t familiar with cryotherapy, but once they realize how it can benefit them they quickly become excited, and once they use our services the joy of relief of pain, Inflammation and burning extra calories leaves our clients feeling incredible. It basically makes you feel decades younger.” said Nduka “The goal is to provide premier professional recovery service to all people, including high schools, colleges, veterans, and sports teams in the San Diego area at an affordable price” said Nduka

Jireh Cryo is offering $30 cryotherapy sessions or Unlimited-Cryotherapy Package for $275 for a limited time. Located at 4780 Mission Gorge Pl, San Diego CA 92120 inside of Xplicit Fitness (One of San Diego’s highest rated boutique fitness centers)
For more information, call 657-345-5288 or visit https://mountjireh.wixsite.com/diamond or www.instagram.com/jireh.cryo
or Check us out on Facebook – Jireh Cryo

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