Kenya Taylor

Kenya Taylor

Committee Name: Kenya Taylor for Supervisor 2020 FPPC ID# 1416813

Campaign Address: 771 Jamacha Rd, #208, El Cajon, CA 92019

Campaign Phone: (760) 239-7886

Top issues regarding black people

Homelessness and mass incarceration are among the most serious issues regarding black people. Creating a long-term plan to address homelessness and a school to careers pipeline instead or school to prison pipeline are among my top priorities.

Our current criminal justice system aggravates the homeless crisis as many people have lost their jobs, homes, and family connections due to mass incarceration. Criminalization of homelessness has not reduced homelessness, so it’s time for the County to change its approach. Having a strong background in behavioral health and community activism, I know the benefits of prevention and early intervention. The County could save money, and more importantly it could save lives, by providing residents more support when they are on the brink of homelessness.

The current criminal justice system impacts especially people of color and as a result, many San Diego communities are over-policed, but under protected. I want to stop the school to prison pipeline and create a school to careers pipeline instead. To do this we need to make sure people have enough educational and career opportunities. I advocate for teaching trades in high school and strengthening our existing support systems. I am a firm believer in maximizing community collaboration. I want to make sure that the community programs that are highly effective in curtailing crime receive enough funding from the County.

Other general issues

My top three priorities are health, public safety, and making sure all residents have access to equal economic opportunities.

I believe healthcare is a basic human right and I will continue my work advocating for more resources and better coordination between agencies to ensure people have access to the health services they need. As a behavioral health professional, I know the benefits of prevention and early intervention. The County can save money, and more importantly it can save lives, by providing people the support and services they need as soon as they experience any physical or mental health challenges. I want to maximize resources to increase successful aging for veterans and seniors especially in our rural communities.

I’ve seen first handedly how a lack of housing devastates people’s lives and impacts both their physical as well as mental health. The County needs to focus on creating more affordable housing options. I’d allocate funding to address the needs of our veterans and especially our wounded combat veterans. Wildfires are another major public safety issue facing the East County. I want to invest more in prevention resources to address the fires and make sure our first responders have the support they need.

Making sure our communities thrive and all residents have access to equal economic opportunities is one of my top priorities. I’m planning to address the lack of economic opportunities by supporting small business owners, initiating emerging career paths to increase our competitiveness in workforce trends, developing innovative programs for women veterans and young adults, promoting farming and green jobs, and designing apprenticeship programs in schools to stop a pipeline to prison and create a pipeline to careers.

Top campaign needs (signatures, donations, volunteers, etc.)

We’re running a people-powered grassroots campaign and we need more funding to get our message out during the next two weeks. We need donations to run digital ads, do phone banking and talk to voters. Any amount people are able to donate will make a significant impact. People can make a donation here:

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