2018 Elections

Buy Black San Diego Voting Guide 2018

THE BUY BLACK SAN DIEGO Voting guide was developed to provide the African American Black community of San Diego county a guide to help in the 2018 election cycle.

This was also developed to shine a light on exceptional African American black candidates who are doing great work and need your support. This guide was cultivated and nurtured by individuals from many walks of life from stay at home moms, lawyers, engineers, students, millennials, Gen X’s and Baby Boomers.

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Buy Black SD 2018 Voting Guide


How do I register to vote?

To register to vote you must complete a voter registration application on paper or online at RegisterToVote.ca.gov.

Where do we vote?

type in your address in the polling locator by clicking here

How did you figure out how we(Black People) should vote?

We believe that even though we are roughly 6.4% of the San Diego population, there lies an even greater responsibility to advocate on behalf of our needs. We placed all things that elevate black american life at the utmost priority. Some of these things are Education, Safety and measures that save us money. We will defend some of our positions below. If we can improve let us know on the contact page


2018 candidates

These Black candidates need your support! Contact them and ask them questions about what they can do regarding the issues that affect your life. Here’s how:

  1. Research their position to see what their responsibilities/duties are
  2. Contact them respectfully about what is currently being done and their priorities
  3. Ask them directly what they can do about your issue
  4. follow up, save emails and take notes and speak out when they address the community. We need your receipts
  5. Congratulate them on social media when they do a great job

You will feel smarter and much more engaged when you do these steps


Roll Call

Myrtle Cole
City Council District 4

Richard T. Fields
Judge of the California Fourth District Court of Appeal

Chardá Fontenot
La Mesa Spring Valley School Board

Darnisha Hunter
Imperial Beach City Council

Nicole Jones
Southwestern Community College District District 4

Leondra Kruger
California Supreme Court

Kamaal Martin
Lemon Grove City Council


Shawn McClondon
Solana Beach City Council


Monica Montgomery
City Council District 4

Tony Thurmond
California Superintendent of Public Instruction

Cheryl James Ward
San Dieguito School Board


Dr. Akilah Weber
City Council La Mesa


Dr. Shirley Weber
State Assembly District 79


Edward J. Spriggs
Imperial Beach City Council


Timothy Shaw
Lemon Grove School Board



Proposition 1:

The Housing Programs and Veterans’ Loans Bond


  • “YES”  We support this measure to authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds for housing-related programs, loans, grants, and projects and housing loans for veterans.

Roughly 45% of all homeless veterans are African American or Hispanic, despite only accounting for 10.4% and 3.4% of the U.S. veteran population, respectively.



Anything that gets veterans more money we are for it, it will help alleviate homeless and produce a healthier community. We hope local black owned organizations get programs together to capture the massive funds that will come in for servicing veterans. Hop to it NPOs!





Proposition 2:

The Use Millionaire’s Tax Revenue for Homelessness Prevention Housing Bonds Measure


  •  YES we vote support authorizing the state to use revenue from Proposition 63 (2004)—a 1 percent tax on income above $1 million for mental health services—on $2 billion in revenue bonds for homelessness prevention housing for persons in need of mental health services.



US Census Data (excel file)


Black people maintain the highest rates of poverty despite building the wealth of this country. We have been displace by immigration and miseducated to keep us blind to the massive resources in the US. So anytime funds can be taken from the top sounds like a good idea to us. We side with “Rob N’ the Hood”


More to come…..






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