Black {Men}tal Health Series

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Black {Men}tal Health Guide

The Black {Men}tal Health Series are a group of events organized and/or in collaboration with Buy Black San Diego to increase awareness about the importance of Black Mens mental wellness. This is an often undiscussed topic and economic deprivation has blocked avenues to treatment and services. We believe that this is a top tier issue in the black community. Services for black women are inadequate but can be found, while the same cannot be said for black men. We are continuing the legacy set before us in San Diego.

We as black people have to operate in healthy mental state in order to be progressive and survive in an environment that is naturally hostile to black life. This is about bringing together competent professionals in the field of mental health and history to lay a context on our suffering and a framework for our healing. We are proud among many things to bring 2 amazing people to San Diego, to help with this groundbreaking work Dr. Tommy J. Curry and Dr. Yamonte Cooper. These 2 brothas are amazing in terms of where they have dedicated their life work and the research they have put in to shedding light to real facts and insights on our unique experience.

We pay homage to our ancestors that have come before us in the fields of history and mental health and those still here and we are a reflection of you (many more to add)

Dr. John Henrik Clarke
Dr. Francess Cress Welsing
Dick Gregory
Shaharazad Ali James Baldwin

I am not human: Fetishization, Economy and the Destruction of the Black Male Body


The Diversity of Trauma: Negation of Violence Experienced by Men of Color


Conversations: Black Male Theory vs Black Feminism

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