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My Brown is Beautiful Program

My Brown is Beautiful is a program aimed at reaffirming the beauty of black children in the foster care system through community, care and self-love.This donation based program seeks to provide black children with the appropriate hair care and hygiene products along with instructions and self esteem building components. We want to provide the children with the tools that they need to be empowered to care for themselves and to help foster parents help in teaching the children to love themselves as they are. Studies show that teens with low self esteem are more then twice as likely to engage in negative behaviors such as bullying, smoking, drinking, or disordered eating.  We strive to empower black children to love themselves through self-care, positive affirmation and community support.  


Ways to help:

  • donate NEW unused hair care/body care products including and drop off at one of our drop box locations


  • You can purchase selected items from one of our participating retailers from the businesses that are donating, supporting and rewarding black businesses that have chosen to give back


  • You can donate money to help us supplement our Brown & Beautiful boxes



  •         Create Hair (and select hygiene) product boxes to be presented to each black child that enters the residential facility.
  •         Create Hair (and select hygiene) product boxes to be presented to each black child that is placed in a home with parents without the experience or knowledge in taking care of black hair.
  •         Establish opportunities for people in our communities to donate hair care products to the children by contacting black owned businesses in the community to create Donation Collection Places
  •         Create a database of black hair care specialists along with a voucher based system that will allow program participants to get their hair styled at a free or reduced cost
  •           Create content and a set of materials that directly relate to helping black children recognize and appreciate their unique style of beauty and sense of self worth



Diamonds Unite Charity


Her Grind Ventures


Berlens Beauty Supply



Additional Resources:

San Diego Center for Children:
U.S Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Child Welfare:
Child Welfare League of America:
National CASA Association:

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