OCD Cleaning Company

OCD Cleaning Company
Business Genre:
Business Name: OCD Cleaning Company
Business Owner Name: Alicia Conrad
Short Business Description: We are a cleaning company where the employees love to clean.
Business Phone Number: 6193826139
Business Address: 306 South Meadowbrook Drive
Apt H
Business Fax: 6193826139
Long Business Description:

This company was created by Alicia Conrad.

I have been cleaning for my whole life. The kicker is I absolutely enjoy 💖💖💖 cleaning. This really came about because I was helping to clean up a friend’s home as they received new orders. They were inquired, “Why I did not do this as a profession?”
I replied, “Well, I have thought about it down through the years. I will wait until sometime next year I will go into business. OCD cleaning, cause I stalk dirt. “
They replied, “Why are you waiting you are doing it now? “
So here I am launching OCD Cleaning Company.

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