The Black Aesthetic 1971 – 2019

October 19, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Valencia Park/Malcolm X Library
5148 Market St
San Diego
California 92114

This interview and public forum discusses the progress of society and black art in relation to The Black Aesthetic, first published in 1971.

The Black Aesthetic was a seminal texts that was composed of a series of essays from the most prominent black writers, musicians, artists and poets. It included definitions and explorations of what black art was and was becoming with lengthy critiques on society, racism and art as a whole. Many of the artists I have chosen to interview from this series were training or working at the time of The Black Aesthetic’s publication and were influenced by its contributors in their own professional careers. Others are younger artists who are now grappling with many of the same issues from 1971. As many of these issues have been exacerbated rather than striated; What, if anything, is the black aesthetic of 2019?

This work is the foundation of my practice as a storyteller and historian. Much of my work involves oral history, generational knowledge and trauma and public participation.

This project is a multi generational community building exercise. It is to understand the progress for Black people in America through both the arts and society in general. Though the intent is to support and unite black artists I hope to build and foster a larger community that supports all artists of color. I hope this project can offer a historical analysis of how black artists have traditionally collaborated and created work as well as create a space to work as the next generation takes on these problems.

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